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Company History

Mates Bruner is the inventor of this patented hinged shank with a “snag free” safety latch and nearly invisible hinge which he developed during his years as a retail jeweler. He began licensing his product to other manufacturers in 1993.
Over 100,000 of his rings have been sold to date. The patent itself is not the only amazing thing about the DoubleSnap. The tools and manufacturing processes took as much genius to develop as the original patents.
Now instead of just licensing his product. Mr.Bruner has formed a new company with his sons, Joseph and Samuel, to manufacture and sell his patented ring under the DoubleSnap trademark.

Mr. Bruner has added improvements to his ring, which are exclusive to the DoubleSnap line. Adding 10 per cent more gold and increasing the latch thickness by 30 per cent has strengthened his narrower and most popular selling rings.

Mr. Bruner has received hundreds of thank you letters from customers who are grateful they can now enjoy wearing their rings again. His patented shank is renowned throughout the jewelry industry under license to other manufacturers. Now it is available directly from the inventor of the most innovative product to enter the jewelry market in decades.

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